Plum Bud Gall Mites

Plum Bud Gall Mites

As noted in the Plum Bud Gall Mite Fact Sheet, this is a fairly new pest in California, and there aren't tested treatment options available. However, a CDFA pest rating proposal for the plum bud gall mite says, “The galls appear to have little or no impact on stone fruit trees in this state.” It later states, “The impact to stone fruit has been minor and apparently limited to the presence of galls. Fruit production and general tree health do not appear to be impacted.”

UC advocates using Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to deal with garden pests. The process provides a balanced approach between managing pests and caring for the environment. Since plum bud gall mites don't appear to affect fruit production or the health of the tree, we advocate keeping an eye on affected  trees, but not taking action.

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