Pruning Apple Trees

Pruning Apple Trees

Here are some Extension resources about pruning apple trees. Be aware that some of the advice in these non-California resources may be specific to a different climate, but the general approach for apple tree maintenance should be the same.

  1. University of Maine Extension: Apple Tree Pruning
  2. Pennsylvania State: Pruning and Training Apple Trees
  3. Mississippi State Extension brief video showing a two-year-old and a five-year-old apple tree examples: How to Prune Apple and Pear Trees

Fact Sheets:
  1. Clemson Cooperative Extension: Pruning & Training Apple & Pear Trees
  2. Cornell Cooperative Extension: Pruning Apple Trees
  3. Oregon University Extension: Pruning to restore an old, neglected apple tree

General Apple Tree Care
  1. University of Minnesota Extension web page on Growing apples in the home garden. Includes text about how to plant and care for apple trees and a three-part how-to-prune video series
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