Tomato plants are beautifully green but don't produce fruit

Tomato plants are beautifully green but don't produce fruit

There are several reasons that tomato fruit may fail to set:
  • If the plants are producing flowers, they may not produce due to nighttime temperatures below 50º F or daytime temperatures over 90º F. Pollination failure or blossom drop may result.
  • The flowers also require insects and/or wind to be pollinated.
  • Too much nitrogen fertilizer will result in vigorous green growth at the expense of plant production.
  • Smog (ozone) can also prevent fruit from setting properly.
Things you can do:
  • Keep plants evenly moist, especially during periods of high temperatures.
  • Make sure the plants receive plenty of light.
  • Follow directions for fertilizing vegetables.
  • Consider daytime temperatures when planting tomatoes. Plants located against a southern facing wall may experience higher daytime temperatures compared to placing them away from structures.
  • Consider trying hand pollination with a small paintbrush.
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